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Air Conditioning System

  • Office air conditioning system.
  • Medical air conditioning system for hospital.
  • Production air conditioning system for factory.
  • Moulding room with air conditioning.
  • Air cond system for spray booth and humidity control system.
  • Air cond upgrading work and electrical service.
  • Production air conditioning and system upgrading work.
  • Air cond system rectification.
  • Cold room renovation.
  • MRI room air cond system installation.

Cleanroom System

  • Cleanroom Class 100, 1000, 10,000, and 100,000.
  • Clean booth Class 100, 1000, 10,000, and 100,000.
  • Cleanroom PU, EPS Wall, Ceiling Panels, Gypsum Dry Wall.
  • Dust Control Room.
  • Upgrading of Class 100 K cleanroom.
  • Upgrading of Class 1 K cleanroom.
  • Renovation of Class 10 K cleanroom.
  • Upgrading of Class 1 K cleanroom to Class 100 K.
  • Cleanroom ducting.
  • Building air showers, pass box.
  • HEPA filter replacement


  • Process chilled water piping system for Class 10 K cleanroom.
  • Condenser water system of WCPU cooling.
  • WCPU maintenance.
  • Chilled water coil replacement and piping modification.
  • Chillers, cooling towers and piping system maintenance.
  • Chillers, AHUS, cooling towers air cond system.
  • Waste water dewatering system.
  • Waste water treatment piping.

Plumbing System

  • Chilled, cold and hot water piping system.
  • Underground and above ground sewerage piping system.
  • JBA cold water supply system.
  • Sewerage treatment plant installation.
  • Water tank installation.
  • Sanitary fixture installation.

Piping, Ducting, Exhaust

  • Process piping and ducting.
  • Upgrading of compressed air piping.
  • Paint spray booth with ventilation.
  • Upgrading of ventilation exhaust system.
  • Compressed air piping and air compressor room construction.
  • Natural gas, steam pipe and compressed air piping.
  • Production exhaust system.
  • Kitchen exhaust system.
  • Factory exhaust system.

Building Civil Work

  • Fire protection system.
  • Production area and office renovation work.
  • Process room structure.
  • Dust controlled room for reflow machine.
  • Toilet renovation.
  • Mechanical smoke spill.
  • Kitchen and canteen utility.
  • Aseptic room upgrading.
  • Design and construct factory utilty services.